Arts Organizing for the March

Art will be a major element of the March for Jobs, Justice & the Climate. As writer and visionary Ursula K Le Guin said at the 2014 National Book Awards, “Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art.” Part of what made the People’s Climate March in New York so successful was the powerful arts organizing leading up to it — and we intend to continue carry that momentum to Toronto by putting art, culture and creativity at the heart of the mobilization.


We ask everyone participating to join us in this effort, by joining the Arts Hub or attending an art build (or organizing your own).

Art Build Parties

If you want to help with the arts, but aren’t sure how, come to one of our arts parties. On Thursdays & Sundays in June we’re getting together to make banners, signs, puppets and more! You don’t need any experience to help out — just show up, wear painting clothes, and bring snacks/drinks to share!

More info coming soon, in the meantime, come out to the Art Space Opening Weekend on May 30/31st.

Arts Organizing Goals

  • FACILITATE: the creation of powerful, beautiful, clear visual, performance, music art to amplify our stories, engage and energize participants, and reach our communities and the public in the streets and through all sorts of media and word of mouth.
  • ENGAGE communities, groups, artists and everyone in making art, creating relationships and building movement, momentum and mobilization.
  • ESCALATE: using art and innovation is a way to escalate our fight for a justice based transition to a clean energy economy. The process of art making and the powerful visuals and the People’s Climate March in New York played a strong role in the mobilization and power of that march and of the Flood Wall Street action the following day. 

Join the Action

On Sunday July 5, thousands of people will take to the streets of Toronto to call for a just transition from dirty energy into a clean energy future. Sign up here to join the action.